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 EntryNo: 4444
 Date: Monday
21.08.2006 ( marcelo
United States of America
Hi, please, leave your comment in my blog too. Thank you.
 EntryNo: 4443
 Date: Saturday
19.08.2006 ( marek
wszystko git
 EntryNo: 4442
 Date: Sunday
02.07.2006 ( Jack V. KLein
United States of America
This site is buku dinky dao! You ever hear of "The ZimmerWeb"? The Zimmer Web is a co-location of collections of various items of interest you can enjoy in the very privacy of your own room. The content and material is received as a result of many a web surfers submissions; conniseurs of thought and hand provoking media. It's all great, good and just plain what you were looking for to round out moments of monotony. "We take the power of your imagination and fantasy and place them not only at your fingertips but in your hands. Galleries, Voyeur, Movies, Celebrities, Stories, and Comics)
 EntryNo: 4441
 Date: Thursday
08.06.2006 ( Kisha
United States of America
this site is hot especially becuz my name is kisha
 EntryNo: 4440
 Date: Wednesday
31.05.2006 ( LoneCowboy
United States of America
Graet Site!!
Kep up the good work!!
 EntryNo: 4439
 Date: Sunday
14.05.2006 ( basket
bout time u update this site but still a great site
 EntryNo: 4438
 Date: Saturday
01.04.2006 ( Rahmaindri
i love women
 EntryNo: 4437
 Date: Tuesday
28.03.2006 ( Reeha
United States of America
 EntryNo: 4436
 Date: Sunday
19.03.2006 ( brandon daniel murphy
United States of America
im your only number 1 all time and greatest dieheart fan on this earth of all time and forever.i will always continue to truely really love you more than any fan will always be the number 1 true love of my life forever.your my angel idol hero love passion love.i will always admire you love you adore you respect you and cherish you forever.this is a ment tha t i will cherish for the rest of my life and forever.
 EntryNo: 4435
 Date: Friday
10.03.2006 ( Zulus
I moved Main Page:English with its long edit history from, along with its talk page (and that history), to Main Page.

All old talk from before this message, from the confusing time when it was taking place on several "main pages" at once, has been archived.

Several (7) edits to Main Page need to be done again (such as adding language links). These edits can be viewed by admins in "history" and are easily fixed.

I highly suggest we redesign the Main Page entirely! Look at German and French: Elegant and functional. Do others also approve of them as models?

I may do I couple more edits and then will probably not be back until Sunday. Good luck to everyone, and feel free to create a new Main Page in the meantime.Dovi 05:15, 16 September 2005 (UTC) /


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